1x1 strives to make disciples who make disciples because we are fully known and fully loved by God. Our ministry exists to provide a safe and fun environment for students to build relationships with peers and, above all, to deepen and discover their purpose and identity in Jesus Christ.

Our Sunday evening gatherings for middle and high school students provide engagement with Biblical instruction, small group communities for developing application, and fellowship through active games and other events….FUN! [Meet at Hope Church, 5:00-6:45 P.M.]

1x1 is for all students entering 6th grade on through high school. Small groups are divided based on gender. Students then have an opportunity to have a safe place to dialogue about the message and then have a great way to build community, establish new relationships , and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.


About our name:

1x1 reflects that we have been Won by One…our lives were WON by Jesus Christ when He suffered and died in our place. Rightfully, we deserved the punishment and eternal damnation for our sins. But while we still remained DEAD in our sins, Christ died and took the punishment for our debt…our sins. He was the ONE and only perfect ONE who was qualified before God to pay that debt. Now we are ALIVE. We “no longer live for ourselves but for Him.” We’ve been Won by One! This is why we know we are fully known and fully loved! This is why we strive to make disciples who make disciples, 1x1. This is why we desire to deepen and discover our purpose and identity in Jesus Christ. 



Douglas and Daina Horner are the Student Ministry Leaders at Hope Church. 

Contact Douglas Horner at (douglas_horner@yahoo.com) for more information.